History of a person (Famous people in Edo era3.) 江戸時代の有名人3.


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Hiroshi Kurita 1835~1899

Historian. Born in a merchant family in Mito. He loved reading since a young age, and became a disciple of Meizen Ishikawa, scholar of Shoukoukan, and Seishisai Aizawa. He entered Shoukoukan at age of 24, and worked on the editing of historical literature. He opened the way to academic exploration, without interruption by the Mito Regional faction at the end of the Edo period. In 1880, he opened "Hojin Gakusha"; a government supported school, and poured his energy into educating his disciples.

Hiroshi Kurita 

Yoshinobu Tokugawa 1837~1913

Born as a seventh son of the Ninth Mito Regional Lord, Nariaki Tokugawa, at the Mito residence in Koishikawa, Edo (his name as a child was Shichirou-Maro). However, he was raised in Mito according to his father’s thoughts; lord Nariaki's educational policy was not influenced by the ostentatious customs of Edo. He started his scholarship at Kodokan since he was 5. And, at the age of 11, he became an adopted son of the Hitotsubashi family, one of three ministers. In 1866, while the anti-foreigner movement was increasing, as well as the political center being moved from Edo to Kyoto, Yoshinobu became the Fifteenth Tokugawa Shogun at the age of 30. Lord Yoshinobu, who was a bright genius, overcame many difficulties during the various political meetings that were held, and returned political power to the throne in 1867. After he retired from the frontlines of politics, he spent his last days in seclusion, and died at the age of 77.

Yoshinobu Tokugawa


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