History of a person (Famous people in Edo era2.) 江戸時代の有名人2.


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Seishisai Aizawa 1782~1863

Feudal retainer of the Mito region. Confucian scholar. Educator. Learned Confucianism and history as a disciple of Yukoku Fujita at age of 10. Entered Shoukoukan to work on the editing of the "Great Japanese History" at the age of 18. He was critical of the western expansion to Asia from the start. He wrote "Shinron" regarding the British landing on Otsu-hama in territory of Mito, and was a major influence on the anti-foreigner movement at the end of the Edo Period.

Seishisai Aizawa

Nariaki Tokugawa (Rekkou) 1800~1860

The Ninth Lord of the Mito Region. He became lord of Mito Region in 1829, and demonstrated his ability in the political innovation of the region. He promoted simple-thriftiness in many areas such as food, clothing and housing to financial reconstruction of the region, and worked on industry promotion. He also established "Kodokan", a school to foster human resources, and "Kairakuen", meaning the enjoyment of the region for everyone, even the local people. Even after resigning his position as regional lord, he constructed a reverberating furnace to produce cannons, in an effort to strengthen military preparations against foreign ships appearing in the nearby sea.
Later on he had a confrontation with the Great Steward Naosuke Ii regarding the heir of the Shogun and the signing of the Japan-U.S Commercial Treaty. He was permanently confined to Mito, and died at Mito castle at the age of 61. He is known by his honorific name as Rekkou. His seventh son, Yoshinobu Tokugawa, became the Fifteenth Shogun.

Nariaki Tokugawa (Rekkou)

Genchou Honma 1804~1872

Doctor of the Mito Region and medical scientist. Honma became a disciple of Seishu Hanaoka, the Dutch doctor Siebold, and others. He mastered Chinese and Western medical techniques. He performed a vaccination under the support of Nariaki Tokugawa, the Ninth Lord of the Mito Region, and saved many people's lives. He held a position as a professor of the department of Medicine at "Kodoukan", the regional school, and contributed to the medical and political development of the Mito Region.

Genchou Honma

Sazan Kakurai 1805~1855

Leader of the Mataguma village in Mito, deeply associated with Nariaki, the Ninth Regional Lord. He is famous as an educator who dealt with management and operation of Nisshin-jyuku, a government supported school, and had many disciples. At Nisshin-jyuku, the educational policy was "Bunbu-Ryodou" (both the literary and military arts), but with the individuality and personal thoughts of each student respected.

Touko Fujita 1806~1855

Mito Scholar in the Late Edo period. He was as accomplished as his father, Yukoku Fujita, president of Shoukoukan, and he gained trust of Nariaki Tokugawa, the Ninth Mito Regional Lord, and played an active political role in the region. There, he contributed to the establishment of "Koudoukan", and promoted the "Tenpou-insurrection". He was well respected by all the students for both of his scholarship and personality.

Touko Fujita


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