History of a person (Famous people in Modern Days) 近代の有名人


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Fuyuko Toyoda 1845~1941

Female Educator. Born in Mito. In 1875, went to Tokyo as a teacher at Tokyo Female Teacher's School, and became a Japan's first nursery teacher when an affiliated kindergarten was established in the following year. After that, she went to Europe to study female education. After she came back, she largely contributed on development of Japan's female education such as working in elementary/secondary education in each prefecture, and teaching at Mito High School for Girls in 1901.

Fuyuko Toyoda 

Taikan Yokoyama 1868~1958

Japanese-style painter of the modern time. Born in Mito. Established Japan Art Academy with Tenshin Okakura. Later on he lived in Izura with Tenshin and others to work on art-productions. His style is massive and full of enchantment, he received 1st Order of Cultural Merit Award in 1939, as an innovator in the world of Japan art, and he became an honoured citizen of Igaragi prefecture in 1954.

Taikan Yokoyama

Taniemon Hitachiyama 1874~1922

19th Yokozuna (Grand Champion of sumo). Born in Mito. He became a disciple of Unemon Dewanoumi at age of 18, and became a yokozuna in 1903. His personality is well-rounded, and both his ability and popularity are highly regarded. He built Ume/Hitachi Golden Age with his rival, Yokozuna Umegatani. He created memorable achievements for the development of sumo world such as first performance overseas.

Taniemon Hitachiyama

Suishuu Tobita 1886~1965

Baseball Analyst. Born in Mito, he came forward as a third baseman of Mito Junior High School. He served as a manager of the baseball team of Waseda University, and had as a personal motto the saying: "One Ball, One Spirit". With his writings and ideas he had a strong influence on baseball analysis and essays; he is called "the father of student-baseball".

Suishuu Tobita

Tsune Nakamura 1887~1924

Western Style Painter. Born in Mito. He lost his parents while still very young, and moved to Tokyo. He learned western style painting through the guidance of Seiki Kuroda and Fusetsu Nakamura. Although suffering from an disease, he produced several masterpieces such as "Portrait of Mr.Eroshenko" and "Image of Old Mother" etc.

Tsune Nakamura


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